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I was apprehensive of learning to drive, but I knew I had to do it. When I met Jamie, he immediately made me feel at ease, and made me feel comfortable. I never felt rushed, or incapable as everything was taken at my speed so I never had to worry. I really enjoyed my lessons and couldn't complain about the teaching I received. Jamie built my confidence and I then went on to pass my theory and practical test, both of which were first time! Thank you so much Jamie, you helped me gain independence and I couldn't recommend you more.

Shelley Hughes St Stephen

Jamie is an amazing driving instructor and an extremely down to earth man. He is very professional and gives clear instructions, helping to build up your confidence, and to progress to a safe and proficient level. Easy to get on with, encouraging, reliable and a good laugh, I highly recommend Jamie for anyone learning to drive! Thanks for all your help Jamie!

Will Davies St Columb Major

After my first lesson with Jamie i felt incredibly at ease and couldn't wait for the next week to come around for another lesson. He is extreamly encouraging and supportive even when things go wrong and carmly explains how to deal with certain situations. But he is also a completly down to earth guy and makes each lesson different depending on what you think you need most practise with and also takes you to a variety of areas where you can try out different skills. All in all I would 100% recommend Jamie because you won't be dissappointed.

Bradley Rees Chacewater

Before my first driving lesson with Jamie, I was very nervous. After my first lesson with Jamie, I felt instantly at ease!
Jamie is a patient and understanding instructor, the lessons are fun and interesting. They are value for money.
I recommend Jamie 100%,

Josh Wright Wadebridge

Jamie Fox is a awesome down to earth, friendly and amazing instructor, he helped me so much from thinking I would never pass to I can do this! And that's what I did! Made my goal to pass by Christmas into reality, if your nervous or just want a fantastic Instructor then look no further. Jamie Fox is your man and he makes you laugh too so bonus 🙂 get driving.

Suzanne Barber Redruth

I couldn't wait to start driving as soon as it was legal so I booked a driving lesson with Jamie on my 17th birthday and applied for my theory test. I was nervous to start as I had never driven a car before so Jamie started my first few lessons on quiet roads to build up my confidence and then I had weekly lessons until I'd gained enough experience to apply for my practical test. Thanks to his tuition I passed my test first time after just 3 months and am now able to drive myself to work and college. I would definitely recommend Jamie for all first time drivers!

Kaitlin Mitchell Bodmin

I was so worried about being a complete bundle of nerves whilst learning to drive, however within minutes of my first driving lesson I was put at ease instantly.Jamie was very professional and extremly helpful and supportive thoughout my driving lessons.All my driving lessons were interesting, and were excellent value for money, the service was fantastic. I even passed first time with thanks to Jamie.I would highly recommend Jamie as an excellent driving insructor in newquay and the surrounding areas.

Hillary Hasson Newquay

I spent a lot of time looking for an instructor and a lot of phone calls were made but choosing Jamie was the best decision I could have made. He was reliable, friendly and supportive! The best professional learning environment I could ever have wished for, he consistently made me feel at ease and was patient. I have a lot to thank him for. He brought out a love of driving from within a terrified first time driver. I highly HIGHLY recommend Jamie! Sorry I've not posted sooner!

Hannah Dunnett Truro

Jamie was very easy to get on with and always talked me through everything. I was never thrown in to situations I felt uncomfortable with but was eased in to everything. I recommend Jamie to everyone learning to drive!! Helpful, encouraging and knows his stuff!

Amy Roberts Newquay

To sit behind the wheel of a car with genuine confidence is something of a challenge for anybody learning to drive. Yet for me that moment came only shortly after starting lessons with Jamie. He made me feel well at home in the car and at ease at all times. Not only is he brilliantly supportive, completely understanding and incredibly down-to-earth, but he definitely knows his stuff and will constantly make you realise your potential. No lesson is dull or tedious and every lesson is interesting and enjoyable. I have had an excellent driving experience with Jamie and for that reason I highly recommend him. You will not regret choosing Jamie Fox as your driving instructor.

Aiden Pappin Newquay

I would highly recommend Jamie to anyone who wants to learn to drive !Jamie is patient , encouraging, helpful, reliable and very supportive and taylors your driving lessons to help you get the most from them. Nothing is too much trouble for Jamie. Jamie is a down to earth guy and makes you feel at ease when driving and he certainally knows his stuff !
A big thanks jamie for all your help 🙂

Jemma Dunstan Redruth

I would recommend Jamie to anyone who is wanting to learn to drive. He is extremely patient, friendly, reliable and professional. He made learning to drive an enjoyable experience and was very supportive and always gave lots of encouragement. Thanks again Jamie.

Matt Sanders Newquay

Learning to drive can be one of the most scariest and nervous times of your life, but having Jamie sitting next to you as your instructor makes you feel a lot more confident. Jamie is very supportive and extremely patient with you at all times. Not only does he make you feel at ease and comfortable but his lessons are always something to look forward too. I don't think i could of got through my driving experience without the help and support of Jamie. I highly recommend Jamie to give you the best ability of driving experience you can get. Regrets are impossible when you have Jamie Fox as your driving instructor.

Beth Morey Newquay

Jamie is a really friendly, easy going instructor. Before my first lesson I was naturally very nervous, but Jamie quickly put me at ease and instantly started building my confidence. I found my lessons enjoyable and I was able to learn at my own pace. Jamie was always very encouraging and supportive and on the lessons that I didn’t do so well, he always focused on the positives and gave me constructive feedback. Before my driving test Jamie made me feel prepared and confident, and I was fortunate enough to pass first time! I have already recommended him to many of my friends, and will continue to do so.

Luci Evans Newquay

It took me a couple of years to sum up the confidence to start driving, and when I did I’m glad I chose to go with Jamie Fox. He was very clear with his teaching and didn’t make me feel pressured to learn a certain skill quickly. I felt very much at ease with Jamie and he helped me to build up my confidence quickly, which has helped me to pass my test in my own time. I would highly recommend Jamie as an instructor!

Laura Kirk Newquay

Jamie made learning to drive easy, enjoyable, and most importantly, really affordable! A practical and well balanced teaching style made driving fun again, and stress free, with an easy to talk to down to earth genuine guy!

Dr Stewart Cole St Columb Major

Jamie is a fantastic instructor, the best one around by far! I was a little nervous on my first lesson but Jamie was able to keep a calm atmosphere going which helped a lot. He was calm for every single lesson I had after that as well, he didn't get mad once and that is an important quality that all instructors need . His knowledge and teaching about driving is top-notch and i thoroughly recommend Jamie to everyone. Jamie is also extremely friendly and will keep conversations going which i found helpful as it was nice to have some good chats as well! Not only do i believe that he is the best instructor in Newquay, but he is one of the cheapest as well.

Tom Easterbrook Newquay
Jamie is an amazing instructor, really can't fault him he is easy to get along with and to chat to. But most importantly very patient and understanding. I tend to over think everything and worry that what I do will be wrong but Jamie always reassured me and made me feel confident with what I was doing and comfortable with being on the road. I also passed my test first time which is a massive bonus! I really would 100% recommend anyone to go with Jamie Fox for driving tuition! Could not thank him enough!
Christie Sheldon Newquay
I was so nervous before I started my driving lessons but having Jamie as my instructor definitely helped boost my confidence. Jamie is a very calm and patient instructor and talks you through the areas you are struggling with most. I would highly recomend Jamie to anyone learning to drive. Thank you for all your help.
Sophie Kirk Newquay
Jamie was a great instructor he explained very well what the test involves and what the examiner will be looking for. Jamie helps you at whatever stage you are at. When I first started I wasn't very good at working the clutch and doing hill starts but Jamie gave me time to practice and I improved. Jamie was a very patient instructor when I got things wrong he helped me out and made things easy to understand especially when I was learning to do manoeuvres. At whatever stage you are at when it comes to driving a car if you have never driven before or have been driving other vehicles (e.g. tractor) Jamie will help you to improve so that your ready for your test. I recommend having him as your instructor.
Michael Murton Newquay
To be truthful I was nervous about learning to drive but knew it was something that I needed to do. Jamie is an excellent instructor and thanks to his support and patience I was able to build my confidence when driving on the roads. He is very easy to get on with and his casual, although still professional, manner made the lessons fun. His teaching methods are thorough and I can guarantee that you will feel well prepared for when you are ready to take your test. If you don't pass the first time Jamie will continue to support you and help you towards passing the next time. I would definitely recommend Jamie to my friends should they be looking for someone to teach them to drive safely and competently. Thanks very much for all your amazing help Jamie!
Conall Blake St Columb Major
Before my first lesson with Jamie, I was extremely apprehensive about learning to drive, but he was so quick to put me at ease and calm my nerves - and this remained throughout the whole tuition. If ever I was unsure, or jittery, or nervous for whatever reason, Jamie was fantastic at turning that around and building my confidence. He's an incredibly calm, patient, and thorough instructor, but he's also really good fun! I always looked forward to my lessons with him, and now I kind of miss them! Jamie is excellent at making you feel comfortable and capable as he offers so much support and encouragement. I cannot recommend him more highly! He offers a great, professional but relaxed service, and all thanks to him, I passed first time. Thank you for everything, Jamie!
Robyn Watts Newquay
Jamie has been such a great instructor, he is extremely patient, calm and he is very knowledgeable. He has really helped me to pass first time and he has helped me become a more confident driver. He is very easy to talk to and it is very easy to have a good laugh whilst you are learning, which makes it so much more enjoyable.
Nathan Harvey Newquay
Hi Jamie just wanna say a massive thank you for everything. I am really enjoying driving my ridiculously long car (very safely). Honestly can not thank you enough. You made me feel comfortable behind the wheel and have enabled me to conquer my fear. I am now an advocate for Jamie Fox driving. Thanks again!
Ben Jackson Newquay